Who is Dharmapala Mahakala (Vajrabara Mahakala)

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According to Buddhism, There are six protectos of Buddhism. Dharmapala which means the protector of religion, morals and Law and described with wrathful Gods in Buddhism protecting their disciples. The major six different protectors gods in Buddhism are Mahakala, Palden Lhamo, Guanyin, Manjushree and Vajrapani. On this article, we will talking about one of six protectors of Buddhism and their disciples.

Dharmapala Mahakala is a common deity followed by Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism religion. According to Hinduism, Mahakala is considered as a manifestation of Lord Shiva called as Mahakali. In Buddhism, Mahakala appears as the protector deity (Dharmapala) in Vajrayana Buddhism. Mahakala is derived from a Sanskrit word in which “Maha” represents “great” and “Kal” represent “Time” or “Death”.

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Dharmapala Mahakala in Buddhism

Mahakala lies in the category of Tantric Buddhist Deity and is worshipped as a protector (Dharmapala) and also worship as Wisdom Protector and also is an important deity in Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese, Newar Buddhism in Nepal.

In Mahayana Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism, Mahakala is worshiped as Guardian Deity.

Dharmapala Mahakala in Hinduism

Mahakala in Hinduism is popularly known as Mahakali as a manifestation of Lord Shiva (God as Destroyer). Mahakala is also known as Mahakala Bhairaba or Kala Bhairava in Hinduism found in various Hinduism Temples in Nepal and India.

The Appearances of Dharmapala Mahakala

According to various Books, there are dozens of different appearances of Mahakala. The common appearance shown in various temples and books as a wrathful appearance. Mahakala is shown in Black colour.

Different Appearance of Dharmapala Mahakala

  • One face- Two hands
  • One face- Four hands
  • One face- Six hands
  • Three faces- Six hands
  • Three faces- Eight hands
  • Three faces- Ten hands
  • Four faces- Four hands
  • Four faces- Twelve hands
  • Four faces- Fourteen hands
  • Four faces- Sixteen hands

And many more

Main Categories of Dharmapala Mahakala

  • Panjarnara
  • Chatubhuja
  • Chatumukha
  • Shadbhuja
  • Bhagavan
  • Raudrantika
  • and others

Dharmapala Mahakala in Different Countries

Mahakala in Japan

In Japan, Mahakala is known as Daikokuten. He is assumed as one of the seven lucky gods in Japanese Folklore. Japanese Buddhist worship Mahakala as the god of wealth and the household. Mahakala’s appearance in Japan recognized by his wide face smiling with a flat black hat.

Mahakala in Nepal

In Nepal Mahakala is one important deity as the guardian of Swayambhunath Stupa Therefore, there is an image of Mahakala between Swayambhunath Stupa. People of Nepal believes that, if anyone builds anything between Swauambhunath Stupa, the Protector (Mahakala) would be disastrous consequences.

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Another legend associated with this image is that it just fell from the sky one day. The great Kagyu master Shri Heruka spent a number of years in this temple. Many years ago a Nepalese master who also stayed at the temple had a vision in which he saw Shri Heruka and this image dancing in the sky.

This particular image was attacked once in 1349 by the army of the Sham Uddin who tried to invade Nepal. They smashed away at it with mallets and hammers and so on, but they couldn’t break it at all. However, one particularly ferocious soldier managed to chip one of the toes, and it is said that the whole invading army died that night of some epidemic, and their faith never spread in Nepal. So now we can also see the feet are covered in silver. According to other accounts, they are responsible for the minor damage we see on the corpse throne and the image’s face.

Dharmapala Mahakala Temple in Nepal

Mahakala Temple lies in the heart of Kathmandu. The temple is build in pagoda style with the image of Mahakala. Many devotees come and worship lord Mahakala as the protector of Dharma. The temple is situated on the north side of bus stop Ratna Park.

Dharmapala Mahakala Mantra

Dharmapala Mahakala Mantra

Om Mahakala Hum Phat

Mantra of Dharmapala Mahakala

Other Popular Mantra

Mahakala Chanting Short

Dharmapala Mahakala Song- Tibetan

Mahakala Mantra Benefit

Dharmapala Mahakala is an important diety of wisdom Dharmapa Protector of Buddhism. Praying to Mahakala helps in protecting or clearning all the obstacles in wealth flows, destory confusion and Doubts. He can also exterminate all the black magic, demon, evil, and enemy from our life make our life more peaceful and enjoyable.

Mahakala Statues

Makala Statues
Mahakala Statues

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Mahakala Thangkas

Mahakala Thangkas
Mahakala Thangkas

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Dharmapala Mahakala Dance

Dance is a Part of Charya Dance
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Credit: Dance Mandal Temple

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