What Type of Climate Does Nepal Have?

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You might want to know how the climate of Nepal is. Here is some of the important information that I would like to share about the climate of Nepal. At first, the climate of Nepal is mainly influenced by maritime and continental factors. The Nepal located has the tropical monsoon climate means the climate is influenced by the monsoon winds that blow from the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean to South Asia during summer and just opposite during winter. And the main reason to influence the climate of different places in Nepal plays an important role by the different attitudes. Nepal is divided into three main geographical regions and different you can experience a different climate in different regions of Nepal. Nepal mainly has five different seasons: spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, and winter.

During summer, in the northern part of Nepal, You can experience cool and dry climate. And in the southern part of Nepal, you can experience a tropical climate. During winter, you can experience extreme cold in the northern part of Nepal, and mild in the southern part.

In the northern part of Nepal- the Himalayan region has an Alpine Climate. In the middle part of Nepal, you can experience different seasons. You can experience mild and pleasant weather.

In the southern part of the Nepal- Terai region, during summer the temperature is beyond 40 °C experiencing extreme hot. And during winter, the temperate ranges from 7°C to 23 °C. (Source: Nepal Tourism Board)

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