Unique Flag of the World- Flag of Nepal

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The Flag of Nepal is a unique flag in the world, with the non-quadrilateral national flag and is considered as one of the oldest flags of the world. The flag is combined with two single Pennons. Nepal flag is in the portion of 11:9 ratios. The two triangles of the flag of Nepal symbolize the Himalaya Mountains. Not only that. The two triangles of Nepal’s flag also symbolize the existence of two major religions; Hinduism and Buddhism. The Upper part is smaller consist of a moon with eight rays and a Crescent attached below and the lower part consists of the sun with twelve rays. (Source: Tijana Radeska, Sep 14, 2016). The Unique flag of the world – flag of Nepal has its own unique meaning.

Meaning of Nepal’s Flag

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The Flag of Nepal mainly has three main colors Crimson (Red Color), Blue and white. The Crimson red color of Nepal’s flag is the color of Rhododendron (लाली गुरास) – National Flower of Nepal. It also represents the vermillion powder that married women of Nepal use on their forehead. The Crimson red color of the flag of Nepal represents the blood of the brave spirits of Nepalese people who fought and sacrifice their lives to protect our beautiful country. And the Blue Color of Nepal’s flag represents the Border of Peace and harmonious land. Since the birth of Gautama Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal the blue color shows the border of the Peace-loving nation. The blue color of Nepal also shows the huge water resources in our country because of the existence of the Himalayas. Blue also symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, Nepalese honesty and peace. The white color on the Moon and Sun represents neutrality.

In the first above triangle, you can see a picture of the Moon. The moon in the flag represents a calm character of Nepalese people and shades and cool weather of the Himalayas. And the Sun in Nepal’s flag represents the fierce and bold character of Nepalese people to fend off threats from their enemy. Therefore, Nepal is always known for their bravery; that has never been colonized by anyone to date. The sun also represents the temperature at a lower part of Nepal (Terai Region). Till there are Sun and moon in our world, they believe there is always the existence of nation Called Nepal in the world.

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