Special Occasions Foods of Nepal

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When you travel to Nepal, You will be amazed by their culture, natural beauty, and hospitality. And also another you be amazed by Nepal and Nepali is their exotic dishes. There are many dishes people love eating and there are also some dishes people love eating during special occasions or days such as fairs and festivals, occasions, ceremonial activities and so on.

Last time I have written about some of the Top Nepali foods prepared In Nepal and should try when traveling to Nepal. To read about it you can read here. Today I will be explaining some very special food prepared on a special day in a special occasion. Here are the top Six Special Occasions Foods of Nepal.


  5. KHEER
  6. KWATI


Yomari- Special Occasion foods of Nepal
Yomari- Special Occasion foods of Nepal

Yomari- a traditional food prepared by Newari people in Nepal is one of the holy food prepared during the Newari festival called ‘YOMARI PUNHI’ falls during the Nepali month Magh ( according to English calendar it lies in full moon of November/December). Yomari Punhi is celebrated by Newari People by offering and thanking with honor to Goddess Annapurna (Goddess of Food Grains) for the great harvest they had. Besides the festival, Yomari is also made during the Birthday. Newari people celebrate Birthday making Yomari every even year of a young kid till age 12.

Yomari is also called as Yamari by some Newari people in Nepal. Yomari consist of two words originated from Newari Language (Nepal Bhasa), ‘Yo’ literally means ‘To like’ and ‘Mari’ means ‘Delicacy’. Therefore, Yomari is known as the delicacy of Nepal. Normal people see it as sweet dishes prepared during special fairs and occasion but it has a unique symbol that represents one half as Shadkona- a symbol of Lord Saraswati and another is wisdom.

Yomari is known as a Newari’s special Dumpling which outer part is made up of rice flour and inside it consists of either Chaku (Molasses) or Khuwa or Gulpak. However, traditionally people use Chaku when preparing Yomari.


Chatamari- Special Occasion Foods of Nepal
Chatamari- Special Occasion Foods of Nepal

Another Traditional food of Nepal prepared by the Newari Community during the fair is Chatamari. Traditionally, Chatamari is a just a thin plain rice flour delicacy which is prepared during Dugu Puja (Goat Festival). People love eating Chattamari because it makes satisfaction with some number of Chatamari. People still prepared plain thin Chatamari during Newari special occasions and fairs and also to the respective god and goddess. Beside it, Newari people also prepared Chattamari when there is Nava Durga Naach and offer to the house of Lord Durga situated at the Bhaktapur district of Nepal.

In the present, different restaurants and hotels in Nepal provide Chatamari as snacks with little changes. They offer Chatamari adding an egg over it or even add buff or chicken based on the customer’s will. Therefore, many foreigners when traveling in Nepal and try this dish and loved it. Therefore, I would like to recommend everyone to try once when traveling in Nepal. Also, people call it Nepali pizza because of similar looks. Plus some Chatamari also looks like Rolls.


Wo and Bara- Special Occasion foods of Nepal
Wo and Bara- Special Occasion foods of Nepal

Wo and Bara are the delicious Lentil Dishes made by the Newari Community of Kathmandu Valley. On different occasions such as Birthday, Weeding, Ceremonial occasions Newari people prepare it sharing their happiness and warm welcome. It can be made of any Lentil found in Nepal. In order to make it more delicious, people either add an egg on it or add buff meat which adds flavor to it. Some people who do not like eating meat, for them, especially add vegetables and serve them. Wo are generally made up of black Lentils and the size are small. And Wo is much larger than Bara. Plus the preparation is also different. Wo are fried on oil and serve to the customer. But Bara is prepared like a pancake. Therefore, some people also called it is pancake of Newari food. Many people when traveling Kathmandu valley they love to try Wo and Bara especially in Bhaktapur City. Wo and Bara are famous in Bhaktapur city.



One of the greatest festivals of Nepal -Tihar (also known as Deepawali); every house celebrates with preparing Sel Roti. Sel Roti is one of the popular Nepali homemade dishes which is round shape like Daughnu made up of rice flour. Some people also prepare Sel Roti during various occasions such as martial, or when someone is born. Other day people also prepare Sel Roti during Dashin Festival and Teej. In the present scenario, Sel Roti is prepared as their morning breakfast. People love eating Sel Roti with their tea or milk.


Kheel- Speical Occasion foods of Nepal

Kheer is Nepali Name for rice pudding. It is not common for everyone, however, Nepalese Kheer is special because of their local rice and pure milk with other ingredients such as cardamom, cinnamon, fenugreek, and cloves. According to Hindu and Buddhist religion, especially in Nepal, It is known as the holy food. Especially during Kheer Kane din and National Rice paddy day, people specially prepare Kheer and eat with their family and friends. Other day’s people also eat such as marriage, birth, Birthabandha, for starting any new works, and during the anniversary. When traveling to Nepal, I would like to recommend you to eat Nepali Kheer which gives a different taste that you have never tasted in your time.


Kwati- Special Occasion foods of Nepal
Kwati- Special Occasion foods of Nepal

Kwati is a special Traditional Newari soup made up of nine different sprouted beans. Newari people in Nepal are amazing in preparing dishes that impress the world. Kwati is a Newari word which “Kwa’ means “Hot” and “Ti” means “Soup”. Kwati is a healthy dish and also known as holy food. Kwati is specially prepared during Kwati Purnima before the Saparu festival (Cow Festival). Besides this day, Newari people also prepare this special soup during Gunla Month (The month of Buddha and his enlightened). As I already said before it is a healthy dish of Nepal because it helps in curing a cold, cough and also is best to eat during maternity of women. Traveling to Nepal and trying dishes of Nepal, never forget to eat this special dish.

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