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Buddhist Meditation App

If you are interested to listed music, meditation, and Chanting, Down load Buddha Gyanmala  and get Information and Benefits about Buddhist Mantras.

Namaste Nepalayas

Namaste Nepalayas has created an app “Namaste Nepalayas” for our readers making you easier to learn about Nepal, Traveling Guides, and Buddhism in Nepal.

Rise Himalayas (E-commerce App)

Namaste Nepalayas Launched a new app to provide various Handmade Nepal products such as Garments, Handicrafts, Musical Instruments, Arts and paintings, and more. Namaste Nepalayas best Store for buying Nepal Products in Retail Price.

Contribute Apps

Any one interested to create a apps Hire Us. We have great app Developer helping you to creating apps you wish to design. Also we help you hire App Developers for various recognized company or Freelancer.

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