National Paddy Day

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On Friday dated 29th March 2020; People from different parts of Nepal celebrated the National Paddy Day marking one of the important event as the beginning of paddy plantation in monsoon season as people of Nepal mostly depend on rainfall for agriculture.

This special occasion is celebrated annually on the 15th day of Ashadh, according to the lunar calendar since 2005 showing nation as one of the dominated nation on agriculture. Especially farmers gather and plant rice sapling with joy and have fun with dance and singing traditional folk songs, splashing with mud to each other.

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National Paddy Day in Nepal

National Paddy Day is mainly celebrated by Farmers in Nepal. People who are interested can join and celebrated the day by plantation of paddy through organization, Program, or through their relatives engaged in farming. This is performed for refreshment. On this special Occasion, people especially from Kathmandu Valley (Local Newars) have a special tradition of eating special sweet food known as “Dahi Chiura”– Curd and Beaten rice including different fruits after plantation of paddy other people eat during snack.

National Paddy Day in Nepal
National Paddy Day in Nepal

National Paddy Day Celebration In Nepal

National Paddy Day Celebrated by Newar Community in Kathmandu Valley
Credit: New China TV
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