Nag Panchami (नाग पंचमी) in Nepal

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Today Saturday, July 25, 2020 AD. According to Nepali Calendar, it is Shrawan 10, 2077 B.S., people following Hindu religion in Nepal are celebrating Nag Panchami, which means the day of the Snakes (Nag means Snakes). People celebrate Nag Panchami or Naga Panchami on the fifth day after new-moon day (Aushi) Therefore, the festival called Nag Panchami (Panchami means the fifth day of new moon day).

Nag in English is called Snake. This day shows the important day worshiping Snake and God. And Panchami means the fifth day of New moon day. Therefore, the day always falls on the fifth day after full moon day in the month of Shrawan.

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Different Hindu mythological has different views about why actually people started worshiping Nagas. Some of the Mythological Belief about celebrating Nag Panchami; according to Mahabharata, it is believed that Lord Krishna successfully wins the fight with Kalia Nag who used to create problems to human and other creatures. He got victory over Kalia on the day of Shrawan Panchami, therefore, people started worshipping Nags.

Some Mythological also said that Kathmandu valley used to be a Great Lake. After Kathmandu valley was drained Nags were very angry. So in order to protect from Nags, on this special day, people go to different temples and worship nags for maintaining peace and harmony.

Let’s go through the Hindu Holy book known as “Puran”. According to Puran Book, it is said that Lord of Creator -Lord Brahma’s son Kashyapa married thirteen wives. Among thirteen Kadroo is one of them. Kandroo is of Nag race from Pitru Loka. She gave birth to Nag. Nags were the ruler of Patal Lok.

There were eight different Nags such as Ananta, Vashuki, Padhmananvha, Kambala, Shankhapala, Dhrtarashtra, Takshaka, and Kaliya. So on this special day, Hindu followers worship these eight nags as they were the powerful and strongest Nags.


In this special day, People of Nepal clean their door and the floor near doorstep. People also use red mud over the entrance floor; red mud is treated as one of the pure mud which is used in order to welcome God. Then people use a small traditional picture of eight Nags above their door. We believe when we use a picture of Nags this special day, the evil spirits cannot get entered into our house.

Beside this people also worship Nags and beg for their great health and wealth for their happiness. People attempt to make happy to Nags because Nags are quite tempered and when they are angry they might make people fall sick which cannot be cured.

Nag Panchami Video

Nag Panchami in Nepal
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