Momo (Nepali Dumpling)- Foods of Nepal

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MOMO ( म:म: or म:म: चा:) or Nepali Dumpling is one of the most popular dishes served in Nepal and has become a traditional food in Nepal. It is made up of white flour and water dough to make an outer covering of Momo and add vegetables, meat, cheese, or Khoa eat dipping in the special sauce or pickle (Aachar). Traditionally Momo is prepared with minced meat especially Buffalo filling inside and with a change in time Momo is prepared with various meats such as chicken, goat, pork and also prepared using vegetables, cheese, tofu, and Khoa considering vegetarian and non- vegetarian people in Nepal.

Momo has become a popular food among south Asian counties from Tibet, Nepal to Bhutan, Northern part of India (Sikkim, Assam, and Darjeeling), and different parts of the UK and USA. It is similar to Chinese Baozi and Jiaozi, Japanese Gyoza, Korean Mandu, Mongolian buzz and Tibetan Mog Mog.

The word “Momo” comes from the Chinese word Momo “ 饃饃 ” which means steamed bread. And Momo is spread to Tibet to Nepal, Bhutan, Northern part of India (Sikkim, Assam, and Darjeeling), and different parts of the UK and USA. The Momo in Tibetan called Mog Mog, Traditionally made with Yak meat with a variety of sauces. And Mog Mog in Tibet uses brown dough which is Healthy and nutritious as it made steamed (Topgyal, 2015).

Origin of Momo

The origin of Momo in Nepal uncertain however the dish is believed to be bought from Tibet to Nepal. And as a dish is quite popular among the Newar community of Kathmandu Valley, it is assumed that one of the Newar merchandise visit Lhasa, Tibet for business purpose and stayed there for some month and return back with making momo technique with some modification using available ingredient in valley and gave a Nepali dish name as Momo or Momocha (Newari word) (Nguyen, 2014).

Jhol Momo

Jhol Momo is one the most popular and famous steamed Nepali Dumplings eaten and is served with a Jhol (Aachar) especially in Kathmandu valley in Newari Food Restaurants. It is a hot dumpling with a cold sesame, Garlic, Tomato and Onion broth mixture as Aachar and served their customers and loved most of the people.

Varieties of Momo

You can taste varieties of Momo in Nepal. Some Variety of Momo is based on the ingredients whereas some are based on the methods of preparing. Momo is prepared for all people (Vegetarian or Non- Vegetarians). Check out some of Nepal’s best varieties of Momo prepared.

Varieties of Momo on the basis of Ingredients

  • Chicken Momo
  • Buff Momo
  • Motton Momo
  • Pork Momo
  • Veg. Momo
  • Paneer momo (Cheese Momo)
  • Khoa Momo

Varieties of Momo on the basis of Method of preparing

Steamed Momo

Fried Momo

C- Momo (Steamed and Fried)

Khote Momo


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