Mahispals Dynasty- Dynasty of Nepal

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According to Nepal’s History, Mahispals Dynasty arises after the fall of the Gopal Dynasty who ruled by either different kings for more than 500 years. Mahispals came from Herder of Rajput in India and traveled to Sinrangadh and Janakpur, Nepal.

It is believed that Gopal Dynasty and Mahispals were from the same dynasty but due to the difference between their occupation and unorganized condition political condition, the group divided into two i.e. Gopal Dynasty and Mahispals Dynasty. Gopal Dynasty was the cow herders and Mahispals were buffalo herders. In Sanskrit buffalo means Mahis, therefore, their dynasty named after buffalo herds as “Mahispals”.

Gopal Dynasty ruled in Kathmandu Valley. After the eighth ruler or last ruler of the Gopal Dynasty- King Yaksha Gupta, Mahispals Dynasty came to the throne. One of the historians says, during the rule of Yaksha Gupta, he was attacked by Mahispals ruler and got the victory of over him and start to rule in Kathmandu valley. But some other says, Yaksha Gupta was childless therefore, Mahispals rulers came to the throne and ruled in Kathmandu valley.

Ruling Period of Mahispals Dynasty.

There is still conflict about the duration they actually ruled in Kathmandu valley. Some historians assumed that they ruled for 161 years and 2 months and others assumed that they ruled for 111 years and 7 months. Mahispala Dynasty ruled in Nepal by three different kings – Vara Singh, Jaya Singh, and Bhuwan Singh. Vara Singh is the first king of the Mahispals Dynasty, then Jaya Singh and last Bhuwan Singh. During the rule of Bhuwan Singh, Kiratis king – Yalamber came to Kathmandu valley from the eastern part of Kathmandu valley and attacked and got victory over the Mahispals dynasty. This is the end of the Mahispals Dynasty and emerged from Kirat Dynasty.

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Before Mahishpals Dynasty: Gopal Dynasty

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