Lichchhivi Dynasty of Nepal

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Lichchhivi Dynasty is another Dynasty that arose after the end of the Kirat Dynasty in Nepal. It is believed that Lichchhivi Dynasty was originated from Vaisali which in modern we say Bihar conquered Kathmandu Valley and ruled from around 400 to 750 CE. after they lost their political power over Bihar by Ajatsatru, they transferred to Kathmandu valley defeating the last king of Kirat Dynasty- King Gasti. According to the historian, Supuspa was known as the first Lichchhivi King in Nepal. Lichchhivi Dynasty later established all over Nepal by one of the great kings of the Lichchhivi Dynasty King Jayadev I.


Birsha Dev is one of the powerful kings from the Lichchhivi Dynasty who, strongly able to increase his territory wider. Similarly, King Karidutta was another king who built four Narayan temple – Changunarayan Temple, Vishankhunarayan, Sikhanarayan, and Ichankhunarayan Temple. He also built Budhanilkantha and made Vaishnavism as their royal state of Nepal.



Changunarayan Temple by Mandev
Changunarayan Temple by Mandev

King Mandev of Lichchhivi Dynasty is popularly known in Nepal for this beautiful temple he built – Changu Narayan Temple. According to the inscriptions, it explains that he ruled in Nepal around 464 AD. to 505 AD. Found in Changu Narayan Temple. Mandev is the son of Dharma Dev. His father was the lover of art and Architecture. However, when Mandev was a little boy, his father died and he ascended the throne. In those days, there was satee system- (It funeral customs where, after the death of the husband, the wife must immolate herself on her husband’s pyre and take her life burning down). But Mandev denied the system and didn’t let his mother Rajyavati follow the system. Because of this, there was abolish of Satee system in Nepal.

Since Mandev was just a little kid ruling after the death of his father, his mother take a responsibility to nurture him and teach him good quality to be a great king. Mandev was very powerful, brave and have good political knowledge which helps him to protect his place from his rebellious. Plus, he was also able to extend his territory to the Himalayas in North, Kaligandaki in the west and Koshi to the west.

Mandev was a great follower of Lord Vishnu. He in order to make Lord Vishnu pleased he used to perform various rituals, feed priests, and also built Changu Narayan Temple. King Mandev though follows Hinduism, he has great respect toward Buddhism as well, because of which, he built various Bihars and stupas in Nepal. He built one of the famous palace “Mangriha” at Gokarna and his all political activities are done there. The first gold coin was established in Nepal by Mandev called “Manank”. Therefore, we can say that King Mandev was innovative, and love art and architecture. Besides he was a true lover toward his citizens and supporter of people and love and respects his mother.



Ansuverma is another famous king known during the Lichchhivi period of time. After Mandev, his son Shiva Dev I Become King of Nepal. King Shiva Dev I was a very learned, Patient and loving person. He was also Religious minded as his father. Ansuverma was actually belonged to Thakuri Clan and was an administrator or a high official under Shiva Dev I. Because of his cleverness, and capable Shiva Dev I trust him and Ansuverma was with great thought and has supportive minded which made him Mahasamant. Ansuverma married daughter of King Shiva Dev I ‘Mahasamanta’.

After the death of King Shiva Dev I, around 605 AD., Ansuverma become a King. Because he was from Thakuri Dynasty, he establishes the Thakuri Dynasty in Nepal. He built Seven-Storey Palace ‘Kailashkut Bhawan’ at Devapatan and transfers his administrate work from Mangriha to Kailashkut Bhavan. Besides this, he also minted coin in Nepal after his name.

During his rule, King Harshverdhana of India and Strong Tsung Gampoo from Tibet were trying to extend their territory and were powerful. It was a great threat to his Nation and people. Therefore, in order to make protect his nation and people, he gave his daughter ‘Bhrikuti’ to Strong Tsung Gampoo- King of Tibet maintain relation with Tibet, he also in order to maintain relationship with India King Harshverdhana, he arranged marriage of his sister ‘Bhoga Devi’ to the King Harshverdhana and was successfully able to protect his nation and people.

It was King Ansuverma who introduced Sambat in Nepal.

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