Kirati Flag- An Ancient Kirat Flag

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The above picture is the national flag of Kirati People representing their state as Kirat- Desh (Kirat Country) in the ancient time of Nepal during the war of Kurushetra, described in the epic of Mahabharata in somewhere between 5561 BC to 800 BC. The Flag of Kirat has similarity to the present national flag of Nepal.

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The Kirat flag has also two triangle shape like present Nepal’s flag which represent the Himalayas and their origin as Kirateas. The flag has yellow and red color. Yellow color in the flag represents the sun meaning that the sun will never set in Kirat Desh (Nepal). And Red color represents the brotherhood among the Mongolian.

u can also see a circle between two triangles representing the Mother Earth and the Universe. The outer circle is said to be the sky or the father sky. And Inner circle represent the mother earth.

There is the picture of arrow and bow. This represents, the Karat people are great warriors and specialized in Bow and arrow


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