Kheer Khane Din [खीर खानी दिन]

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Festivals play an important role showing their significant identity towards the nation, religion or culture, and brings people’s life with joy, excitement, connection and togetherness and as well as the unity. Festivals; either it is honored such as Dashin and Dewali, or other significant festivals or events, every festivals or events have their unique importance and celebrated with joys in Nepal.

Rice Pudding Day in Nepal
Kheer Khane Din in Nepal


Kheer Khane Din in Nepal

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According to Nepalese calendar, every month of Shrawan, 15th day (fourth month of the Year) marked as Nepalese one of the important event or festival- “Kheer Khane Din” which means Rice Pudding Day. During this day, people of Nepal prepare a special dish “Kheer”– Rice Pudding and eat together with families and friends. Kheer is regarded as one of the holy and pure food according to Hindu religion. Nepalese celebrate this special event marking the achievement of farmers and ensuring for their good harvest. Since Shrawan month is marked as the end of harvest period and end with offering Prasad (holy offering) i.e. Kheer to their deities and enjoy with families as well.

Please Note-

Since Kheer is regarded as pure and holy food, it is also offered in other special days or events such as birth, marriage, funerals and also important Pujas.

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