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There is no evidence about the origin of the Gopal Dynasty. However, it is believed that Gopal Dynasty is the first dynasty in the history of Nepal and believed to be settled in Kathmandu Valley migrated from Matatirtha of India. During, the time of the Gopal Dynasty, there was the discovery of Pashupatinath Temple from the volcanic mound in Nepal. The Traditional History of Nepal starts from mainly three tribal rulers i.e. Gopal Dynasty, Mahisapals Dynasty, and Kirat Dynasty. Lichchhavi Dynasty, Malla Dynasty can be considered as the civilization period of Nepal. Gopal Dynasty and Mahispal Dynasty are mainly called Abhiras in Kathmandu Valley. According to the history of the Nepal Gopal Dynasty period, people mainly known for the cow herding. In those times people used rare Cows and produce a large amount of milk and exchange with other products at that time.

Gopal Dynasty ruled in Nepal for 521 years by eight different Kings. The first king of Nepal from the Gopal Dynasty was Bhuktaman and the Last-king was Yakshya Gupta from Gopal Dynasty and later emerged another dynasty i.e. Mahisapals Dynasty- the ownership of a large number of buffalo.  It is believed that Lord Krishna came from Mathura of India and made it suitable for settlement in Kathmandu valley. But according to the Buddhist view, the story of the development of Kathmandu valley is different, According to the Buddhist religion, it states that Manjushree came from China and cut the George near Chovar with his sword then she made Dharmakar as the King of Kathmandu valley.

However, according to Hinduism religion, Lord Krishna made Kathmandu for settlement place with fertile land and therefore, people want to settle in the valley raring cows. They have large numbers of cows. And among them, one cow used to drop milk at a particular place, with made herd man curious to know what exactly is there. And the owners go there can he dug the place. Suddenly, a bright and powerful light appears from the ground and was killed burning by the light. Later, his son Bhuktaman was made king by one the great saint known as “Ne”.

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna

During the Dwapar age, one of the strongest devil named Danasur was creating trouble therefore, Lord Krishna came to the valley and got the victory of him and stayed in Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. With Lord Krishna, the large number of cowherds traveled to Kathmandu valley and settled here. 

In the history of Nepal, at the end of Dwapar yug, the king of gaud (Bengal) traveled to Nepal to worship Swayambhu and Guheswari and become a monk.

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