Festivals In Nepal

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Nepal is commonly known as the land of indigenous Janajaties, Dalits (Downtrodden people) Madhesis, and as well as Brahmins and Chettris. Nepal is a nation having a large number of people following the Hindu and Buddhist religion but also equally respect other religions in Nepal like Christianity, Islam and other minor religions like family. Also, people of various races live in Nepal and have their own languages. Therefore, Nepal is known as a multi-religious, multi-racial, Multi-Lingual, and multi-cultural country. Similarly, we have different festivals celebrated in Nepal in their own ways and beliefs. Every festival plays a significant role in the life of people.

Here we have Hundreds of festivals celebrated in Nepal in different parts of Nepal. The different festivals celebrated in Nepal can be categorized into six different categories with some examples.

  • Festival of Nepal based on Religion
  • Festival of Nepal based on Seasons
  • Festival of Nepal based on Community
  • National Festivals of Nepal
  • International Festivals of Nepal
  • Seasons Festivals of Nepal

Festivals in Nepal Based on Religion

Religious festivals are celebrated by a specific group of people following certain religion signifying certain gods and goddesses of particular religion based on recurring cycles in a calendar year or lunar calendar. Nepal has a multi-religion however; the main dominant religion is Hinduism and Buddhism but also equally takes part in the celebration of other religious festivals equally and loves to participate together as one. In Nepal, some of the important festivals celebrated on the basis of religion are listed below.

Festival Celebrate by Hinduism Followers in Nepal

  • Shivaratri
  • Falgu Purnima (Holi)
  • Dashin (Mohani)
  • Tihar (Sunti)

Festival Celebrated by Buddhist Followers in Nepal

  • Buddha Jayanti
  • Tara Puja
  • Gunla Puja

Festival Celebrated by Christian Followers in Nepal

  • Christmas

Festival Celebrated by Islam Followers in Nepal

  • Eid
  • Ramadan

Festival of Nepal based on Month/Seasons

This is another category of festival celebrates in Nepal representing the certain season, month. Some of the festivals Nepalese celebrate are such as Maghe Sankranti which is celebrated on every month of first Magh. On this day, the sun is believed to start moving toward the Northern Hemisphere. The festival marks as the start the end of winter season.

Festival of Nepal based on Community

Nepal is known as the garden of the different colorful flower by the Great King of Nepal- Prithivi Narayan Shah. He explained Nepal as a garden with various castes, culture, traditions as different colorful flowers. Community traditional festivals are those types of festivals celebrated by certain community people. However, different people take part in the festival equally and celebrated equally. Here are some of the festivals listed below.

National Festivals of Nepal

National festivals are those types of festivals celebrated by all the people of castes or communities or religion living different part of Nepal. National festivals are celebrated to commemorate the accordance of great historical events showing important achievement in Nepal. Some of the important national festivals celebrated in Nepal are-

  • New Year Festival
  • Martyrs Day
  • Labor Day
  • Father’s day
  • Mother’s day
  • Guru Purnima (Teacher's Day)

International Festivals of Nepal

International festivals are those types of festivals or events celebrated by the whole world. Nepal equally takes part in these festivals equally with joy and excitement like other countries in the world. Some of the international festivals celebrated by Nepal as well are New Year Day, International Environment Day, International AIDs Day, Valentine Day, Friendship Day, and many more.

Seasons Festivals of Nepal

Social festivals are related to such types of events showing importance in life by people in Nepal. They are generally not exactly counted as festivals than an event. Some of the social events Nepal celebrates are like Birthday, Marriage, Birthabandha, and others.

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