Dharmapala Vajrapani

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According to Buddhism, there are three main protective deities (Dharmapala) or the protector of Buddhism and Lord Buddha. Manjushree– manifests all the Buddhas wisdom, Avalokitesvara- manifests all buddhas immense compassion, and Vajrapani- manifests all buddhas power and protect Buddha.

Who is Vajrapani?

Dharmapala Vajrapani is known as one powerful God in Buddhism and is one of the earliest Dharmapalas in Mahayana Buddhism appears as protector and guide of Gautam Buddha symbolize as Lord Buddha’s Power. Dharmapala Vajrapani also appears as one important deity in Tibetan Buddhism and Pure Land Buddhism as Mahasthamaprapta and forms a triad with Amitabha and Avalokitesvara.

Meaning of Vajrapani

Dharmapala Vajrapani is composed of two different Sanskrit words. “Vajra” or “Bajra” means “Thunderbolt” and “Pani” means “Hand”, which combined call a god with a thunderbolt on hand.

Bodhisattva in Different Names

Country | LanguageName of Vajrapani
Nepal or Sanskrit वज्रपाणि
China 金剛手菩薩
Pali Languageवजिरपाणि (Vajirapāṇi)
Korean 금강수보살
VietnamKim Cương Thủ Bồ Tát

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Dharmapala Vajrapani Appearance

Dharmapala Vajrapani appears in different forms in a different country. However, the most popular appearance is a wrathful expression holding Vajra on the right hand. Also, sometimes he is referred to as Dhyani Bodhisattva and sometime Yidam with one head and four hands in the form of Nilambara Vajrapani with Vajra on his hand and treading on personage lying on a snake.

History of Dharmapala Vajrapani

According to early Buddhist legends, Dharmapala Vajrapani is a minor deity who followed Gautama Buddha as a wandering mendicant. Also, in some Buddhist texts, he is representing the manifestation of Sakra- King of Trayastrimsa heaven of Buddhist and Hindu cosmology and god of rain as depicted in the then idol of the Gandharva.

Buddhist Believes that Vajrapani was present during the birth of Tathagata and helped Gautama Buddha escape from the palace Kapilvastu, Lumbini of Nepal during renunciation and when Lord Shakyamuni returned Vajrapani is stated to have assumed eight forms of devas who escorted Gautam Buddha.

According to Parinirvana of the Buddha, Vajrapani dropped his Vajra in despair and rolled himself in the dust.

Vajrapani in Nepal

Dharmapala Vajrapani In Nepal
Vajrapani in Nepal

In Nepal, Dharmapala Vajrapani is described as holding a Vajra supported on a Lotus with its stem held in the right hand while the left hand is shown in a posture of Charity and Argument and often painted in white color.

Vajrapani Dance

One of the most popular Charya Dance of Nepal Performed by Newar Buddhists in Nepal (Newar Buddhism) is Vajapani Nritya (Vajrapani Dance). As Dharmalpala Vajrapani is known as one of protector of Buddhism and has wrathful expression, the dance of. Vajrapani reflects the expression of Lord Vajrapani and his deeds toward the song (Note: the Charya Songs are the oldest songs played by Newar Buddhism).

Vajrapani Dance
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Vajrapani Mantra

Vajrapani mantra is composed of three words and is simply his name between Om and Hum. The Vajrapani’s mantra as ” Om Vajrapani Hum” which is easy but has a powerful benefit in human life as “Wielder of the Thunderbolt”.

Vajrapani Mantra
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Vajrapani mantra benefits

Vajrapani mantra is one powerful mantra in Buddhism. Vajrapani mantra benefits to gain irrepressible energy which symbolizes Lord Vajrapani itself.

Dharmapala Vajrapani Statues

Dharmapala Vajrapani
Dharmapala Vajrapani

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Dharmapala Vajrapani Thangka

Dharmapala Vajrapani Thangkas
Dharmapala Vajrapani Thangkas

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