Chitwan National Park

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Chitwan National Park (CNP) (चितवन राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज) or Chitwan Rashtriya Nikunja is known as first National Park of Nepal established in 1973 located in the south-central part Terai. The total land covers by the National park in the area of 952.63 Km sq (367.81 sq miles). Major regions national park covers the district of Chitwan, Parsa, Nawalpur, and Makwanpur. About its altitude, it ranges from about 100 meters in the river valley to 815 meters in the Churia Hill. Chitwan National Park becomes the part of the UNESCO Heritage Site in the year 1984.

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The National Park in Nepal is the popular destinations for tourism industry especially nature lovers and adventurous souls all over the world. Therefore, we can say than Chitwan National Park is the world’s best National Park to travel and experience life. There are two main entrances to travel to Chitwan Park i.e. Meghauli Village situated in the west and Sauraha Situated in the east part of Nepal.

Chitwan National Park is located in south-central Nepal covering the major districts of Nepal- Chitwan, Makwanpur, Parsa, and Nawalpur. The park is bounded by the Parsa Wildlife Reserve in the east, Rapti and Narayani River in the North, and bordering country India (Nepal-China Border) in the south. The major three rivers located near the park are Narayani River, Rapti River, and Reu River.

Major Attractions of Chitwan National Park

Thousands of people travel to Chitwan National Park for the beauty of Nation and experience adventurous activities. Here are some top major attractions of Chitwan National Park.

Home of endangered Animals

The park is mainly popular for the protection of endangered animals such as one-horned rhinoceros which is only found in Nepal and some part of Nepal and protect other animals such as Royal Bengal Tiger, Gharial Crocodile, and other animals. The park harbours not only the world’s largest terrestrial mammals but also the world’s smallest terrestrial mammals.

Flora and Fauna

Chitwan National Park has recorded more than 68 species of mammals, 56 species of fauna, and 126 species of fishes. Also, according to the Government of Nepal, the park has more than 544 species of birds including 22 globally threatened species such as Royal Bengal Tiger, Slender-billed vulture, white-rumped vulture, and Red-headed Vultures.

Jungle Safari

Another activity people can perform when travelling to Chitwan National Park and most people go for the activities is Jungle Safari. When travelling to the park they can ride on the back of the elephant and take a tour viewing the forest and species around the park. During the travel, people can observe the One-horned Rhinoceros and Bengal Tiger which make your travel interesting and memorable and thrilling same time. When doing Jungle Safari, you can also visit elephant breeding centre and can enjoy elephant bath in the river.

Canoe Rides

When travelling to the park another activity you must experience is canoe riding. This is a fun activity to do during the day time to view crocodiles and water birds near the river.

Culture and Religious Tour

The park has shown equally important to the culture and religious beauty as well. You can experience the lifestyle of the various ethnic group near the park. Trave to Devgha- a Hindu pilgrim site is the best religious site where thousands of people travel and are popular during Makar Sankranti festival falls on the month of December. Another religious site you can travel is older temples and shrines, Balmiki Ashram where Sita- wife of Lord Ram was believed to stay with their son after she was exiled.

Other Major Attractions

  • Tharu Cultural Museum and Research Centre.
  • Bis Hazari Lake
  • New Sauraha Tharu Cultural House

Best Hotels Near Chitwan National Park

Video on Chitwan National Park

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