Gaura Parbha in Nepal

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Gaura Parbha or Gaura festival is celebrated mainly by Hinduism devotees in Nepal dedicated to Goddess Gauri (Wife of Lord Shiva). The festival is specially celebrated in most of middle western and far western part of Nepal. Gaura Parbha is … Read More

Hartalika Teej in Nepal

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Teej is popularly known as Hartalika Teej is a great festival observed by Hindu followers mainly in Nepal and some part of India. Hartalika Teej in Nepal is observed mainly by women dedicated to Goddess Parvati for the reunion with … Read More

Happy Krishna Janmasthami 2077 in Nepal

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Krishna Janmasthami (Nepali: कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी) is one of the holy and important festivals celebrated in Nepal by Hindu followers. Today, 11th August 2020 (Nepali: 27th Shrawan, 2077); people of different places go temples dedicated to Lord Krishna in Nepal and celebrate … Read More

Saparu Festival in Nepal

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Gai-Jatra (Nepali: गाई जात्रा) or Cow Festival which is originally known as Saparu Festival (Nepali: सा पारु) by Local Newar in Kathmandu valley is the important festival celebrated in Nepal, mainly in Kathmandu valley by Newar Community. Saparu Festival generally … Read More

Janai Purnima | Kwati Purnima | Raksha Bandhan in Nepal

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Janai Purnima | Kwati Purnima | Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival observed in the full-moon day according to Nepalese calendar in the month of Shrawan. According to the English calendar, the festival lies between the end of July and … Read More

Kheer Khane Din [खीर खानी दिन]

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Festivals play an important role showing their significant identity towards the nation, religion or culture, and brings people’s life with joy, excitement, connection and togetherness and as well as the unity. Festivals; either it is honored such as Dashin and … Read More

Amazing Ghanta Karna Chaturdashi Festival in Nepal

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Ghanta Karna Chaturdashi is also known as “Gathamoga” or “Gathe mangal”. Newari people called it as “Gathama Charya”, which is named after the strongest horrifying mythical devil and celebrated every fourteenth day of dark lunar in July or early August … Read More

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