An Amazing Swayambhunath Stupa Temple

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Swayambhunath Temple, which is also known as Monkey Temple has the original name which is known as “Maha Chaitya” derived from Nepal Bhasa (Newar language) which means “The Great Stupa.” Swayambhunath is one important sacred temple for Buddhism and Hinduism … Read More

Goddess Bajrayogini

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Goddess Bajrayogini is also known as the Tantric Buddhist Goddess with essence as a great passion for free from selfishness and work for other’s wellbeing. Goddess Vajrayogini is also viewed as the distraction of ego-clinging, providing people for attracting toward … Read More

Bodhisattva Manjushree

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In Mahayana Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Newari Buddhism, and other Buddhism Teachings, Bodhisattva Manjushree is one important ironic figure known as Bodhisattva of Great Wisdom. In Sanskrit, Bodhisattva is known as “Prajna” which means “Gentle Glory” Bodhisattva Manjushree is also worshipped … Read More

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