Biska Jatra In Nepal

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Among Hundreds of popular festivals of Nepal, Biska Jatra is one of them. The festival marks the beginning of New Year of Nepal the month of Baisakh (Bikram Sambat) which falls in the middle of April month. The festival lasts for nine consecutive days (27th Chaitra- 6th Baisakh) with great joy and fanfare by the city crowds. The Biska Jatra is celebrated mainly in Bhaktapur, Madhyapur Thimi, Bode, Nagadesh, Katunje, Tokha, and other different places in Nepal.

In Bhaktapur City, the festival is observed dedicated to Lord Bhairabnath and his terrifying wife Bhadrakali as the main deity of the festival. The festival first starts in Bhaktapur known as Ratha Jatra and erecting the Lingam Pole.

Biska Jatra in Bhaktapur Source:
Biska Jatra in Bhaktapur Source:

Madhyapur Thimi and Nagadesh Jatra is known as Sindur Jatra where people carry Chariots of various Hindu Gods and Goddess located temples near areas and travel street with traditional music, dances, and Colors.

Biska Jatra in Madhyapur Thimi Bhaktapur
Biska Jatra in Madhyapur Thimi Bhaktapur

At Bode, tongue piercing which means “Jivaro Chedne” in the Nepali Language is performed.

Biska Jatra in Bode (Jibro Chedne) Source:
Biska Jatra in Bode (Jibro Chedne)

Ratha Jatra and Linga Thanegu

Ratha Jatra is performed 4 days before New year Starts. The Ratha (Chariots) is made for powerful Hindu god Bhairab and Goddess Bhadrakali. The Ratha Jatra Starts from the Taumadhi tole of Bhaktapur. The swarming mobs of celebrators try their best to pull and move the chariot in the direction aspiring for growth and abundance.

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Sindur Jatra

Balkumari Temple of Madhyapur Thimi is a popular temple in Thimi which is also considered as the heart of Thimi and has a three-storied roofed temple. The honored Goddess Balkumari and other drinks around 32 chariots (Temple Structured Khats) are traveled and worshipped. The streets are full of music, dances, and Colors.

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Jivro Chedne

Jivro Chedne is celebrated in Bode. Jivro Chedne means tongue piercing in English. A person who participates in this ceremony roams the city by carrying multiple fiery torches on his shoulder.

In Bhaktapur

In Forth day of Bisket Jatra, in Bhaktapur, Local Newar who are inhabitants of Kathmandu valley celebrated the day with chanting and traveling various temples around with music and dance. The day is known as Dhya Sanga Bigyagy. It just like purifying or offering god and goddess for the New Year Celebration.

At the end of the festival in Bhaktapur, The festival ends with the chariot pulling of Lord Bhairavnath. Some of the small celebration here and observed during Biska Jatra such as-

  • Mahakali and Maha Laxmi Jatra
  • Bramhyani Jatra
  • Chhumu- Ganesh Rath Jatra
  • Bhairav Bhadrakali Jatra

Bisket Jara on 2077 B.S (13th April, 2020 A.D)

As the whole world is being terrified by an infectious disease called Coronavirus (COVID-19), different countries have been locked down to control the virus to spread. People are not allowed to come out from their houses without reason and gathering was prohibited. The government announced locked down on march 24 which extended more than a month which also affects the Nepalese New Year festival (Biska Jatra). In Nepal’s history, the New Year Festival was not celebrated known as this year- 2077 B.S (2020 A.D).

Bisket Jara on 2077 B.S
Bisket Jara on 2077 B.S

How we celebrate New Year Festival (Biska Jatra) during Lockdown

Since Nepal is being lockdown from 24th March 2020, people are not allowed to stay outside home unnecessarily and also prohibited to gather outside with peoples, and also people are not allowed to go temple or any places to worship. Nepal as having a very hard time during the festival with the unresponsible and pathetic government of Nepal, the virus being controlled plus the government are enjoying the donation and corruption.

New Year festival (Biska Jatra) is one very important festival especially to the people of Bhaktapur mainly Newar Community. I belong to the Newar Community of Bhaktapur city. I do understand the Biska Jatra’s importance. During the lockdown, the women of every home carry the puja items to worship God. People have strong faith in their Gods, they always prefer god as their prime preference. Since people are not allowed to gather and enter the temple, they worship outside the gate of the temple offered the puja (Worship), and returned back home and prepare food together and eat together.


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