Best Drinks and Soups of Nepal

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Many people talk about Traditional Foods of Nepal. Nepal has the most amazing and traditional foods prepared in Nepal which very few people recognize it. To read about the different foods of Nepal, you can read on my articles are given below. In today’s article, we will be talking about what are the Best Drinks and Soups of Nepal prepared during the various occasion.

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Drinks of Nepal

The Major Drinks of Nepal, people drink during various occasions and when traveling are listed Below.

1. Aaila (Alcohol)

Drinks of Nepal (Newar Drinks)- Aaila (Alcohol)
Drinks of Nepal (Newar Drinks)- Aaila (Alcohol)

Aaila is a Newari word for Alcohol. Aaila is prepared by the Newar community when there are festivals, rituals, and other occasions. It is said that Newars are a heavy drinker and people are still proud of it. It is a traditional drink prepared traditionally by local Newars at Kathmandu Valley and offered to God during festivals and rituals.

Concerning Health, Aaila is prepared as a painkiller and consumed a small or limit amount for the health benefit. But due to the taste people start consuming heavy which made their health more adverse or even worse than expected. I don’t recommend to drink Aaila however, I would recommend a small pack because a limited consumption can be good for health and also helps in making body warm during extreme cold.


Drinks of Nepal (Newar Drinks)- Thon (Rice Beer)
Drinks of Nepal (Newar Drinks)- Thon (Rice Beer)

Popular Beer made up of rice originated from Newar community people prepared for various celebrations such as festivals, rituals, occasions, parties, and feasts; Newari people love drinking Thon. It is one of the oldest drinks in Nepal and is also a holy drink offered different gods during festivals. It is a traditional drink people consume with Samaya baji. Thou is mostly prepared by Newar Community therefore, its original name is Thon but in present people called it Chang.

Travelling to Kathmandu valley and having Newari Food Restaurant offer you a full set Snack which is called Samaya Baji which includes a Traditional Drink –Thon. Therefore, if you love drinking beer then, of course, you will be crazy about Thon because of its sweetness and little bitterness but more powerful than a usual beer.


Drinks of Nepal (Newar Drinks)- Aaila (Alcohol)
Thongba- Drinks of Nepal

Tongba is also another traditional drink prepared by fermented millet grains adding boiled water and drink using a straw made up of bamboo. It is prepared mostly the cold areas near the Himalayas prepared by other ethnic groups of Nepal such as Tamang, Gurung or Rai Communities. It is also defined as a tyle of beer people drink in order to protect from the cold.


Drinks of Nepal- Mohi
Drinks of Nepal- Mohi

After a long travel and an hour, walk let’s have a “Mohi” a drink. Mohi is the best drink for refreshment. Mohi is prepared by churning the curd and is specially offered when the people have visitors because in those days there were no cold drinks and coffee. In the present Mohi is replaced by Cold drinks and coffee and tea, however, when traveling villages of Nepal, they still welcome their visitors in traditional methods offering Mohi for their refreshment.

Soups of Nepal ( Newar Soups)

Kwati- Special Occasion foods of Nepal
Kwati- Special Occasion foods of Nepal

Talking about Newari Soups, there are various kinds of Soups prepared in different occasions and festivals, As explained earlier, Kwati is also one of the Newari Soup made up of nine different dried beans and eating during Janai Purnima – a day before Saparu (Cow Festival).

Similarly, there are other Newari soups as well which many people do not know about it. “Ka” is another Newari soup which is prepared during Dewali made up of Goat’s meat and the bones. It is not as hygiene soup as other soups because it is made adding fats, skins, and intestine and also add the rice that is made for making Newar Beer. However, in some Newar people add only Hygiene food with a limited amount of animal fats which helps make the body warm.

Another Newar Soup is called “Bulu” which is made up of cereal or flour of Chhana. Bulu is prepared during the winter season and can be drink early morning because it is good for health and as well as it helps in warming up our body. Bulu is prepared very few numbers of Newari community people because many people do not have time preparing early morning.

The forth is Pau Khwa– it’s quite confusing to call it as soup because the nature of Pau Khwa is not as other soup. Pau Khwa can be warm or can be cold as well. But during the winter season, many people prefer warm and it is drunk during Newari Traditional feast (Bhoj). Pau Khwa is made up of Plum fruit (Lapsi) which is sour and sweet in taste.

Mi Khwa is also a traditional Newar soup prepared during the various occasional feasts (Bhoj) in the Newar community. Mi Khwa is one of the best soup prepared for digestion after a heavy feast in the Newar community therefore, it is served at last before curd. Mi Khwa is bitter in taste so many people do not prefer to eat.


These are the Best Drinks and Soups of Nepal you should try when travelling to Nepal. Travelling to Nepal, People Love and entertains trying Foods of Nepal and Drinks and Soups of Nepal. Some Best Drinks and Soups of Nepal are Aaila, Thon, Tongba, Mohi, Kwati, Ka, Bulu, Mi Khwa, Pau Khwa, and So On.

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