Amazing Facts About Nepal [Updated: 2020]

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Nepal is one of the oldest independent Nation in the world. Nepal is one of the smallest nation in Asia covering the area of 1,47,516 KM Sq. Many people have little or no Knowledge related to Nepal and Nepal Facts. Today we will be providing various amazing facts about Nepal in 2020. Let’s learn what are the important and amazing facts about Nepal.

Map of Nepal Nepal is a landlocked country between two giant nations India and China and still, has a unique and interesting culture that amazes all around the world. Unique facts about Nepal making Nepal as one of an extraordinary nation all over the world. Check out our best amazing facts about Nepal.

Flag of Nepal

Flag of Nepal
Flag of Nepal

Nepal is only one country that does not have rectangular or square-shaped like other nations. The shape of Nepal’s flag is two triangle shapes. Learn about Flag Here.

Sagarmatha (Mount Everest)

Highest peak of the world- Mount Everest

Nepal has the highest peak all over the world called Sagarmatha (Mount Everest) height of 8848 meters.


Formation of Country Name " Nepal"
Highest peak of the world- Mount Everest

Out of 14 peaks of the world, the region holds 8 peaks which are above 8000 meters including Sagarmatha (Mount Everest).

Birth Place of Buddha

Birth Place of Gautam Buddha
Gautam Buddha
The royal prince of Shakyamuni- Siddhartha Gautama known as Light of Asia was born in Lumbini, Nepal and got enlightenment in India and after enlightenment he become Gautama Buddha.

Bikram Sambat

Bikram Sambat

The Bikram Sambat was introduced during 9th century and still in use which is sixty-seven years and half months ahead of Gregorian calendar.


Kirat Dynasty- Dynasty of Nepal
Rulers- Kirat Dynasty

The Hindu Kiratis, according to Nepal’s history are known as the rulers of the Kathmandu valley during 7th tor 8th century.


Nepal Language
Languages of Nepal
Nepal is a country with population of 29,624,035 and is spoken 123 different languages here.

Highest Lake

Nepal has the highest lake on earth – Tilicho Lake (4,800 meters/3 miles), located in Manang district of Nepal.


Kali Gandaki

The deepest gorge in the world is the Kali Gandaki Gorge or Andha Galchi of Kali Gandaki in the Himalayas of Nepal.


Chitwan National park
Tallest Grassland- Chitwan

The tallest grassland of the world is located in Chitwan, Nepal

Kaligandaki River

Kali Gandaki

Kaligandaki of Nepal is believed to be older than the Himalayas and is the major ecological dividing line between the western and eastern Himalayas.


National Animal

National Animal of Nepal is Cow and worshiped as Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth). It is illegal to kill Cow in Nepal.

Elephant Polo

The Elephant polo game is orientated from Nepal.

Independence Day

Nepal never celebrated Independence Day because Nepal has never been colonized or conquered by other country nation.


People of Nepal usually do not greet each other shaking hand. They rather greet each other joining their palms together and bow their forehead and say “Namaste” Namaste means “I salute the God in you.”

World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Nepal
World Heritage Sites

Nepal has the world’s densest availability of World heritage sites. Kathmandu valley only has seven worlds’ heritage cultural sites.

Bir (Brave) Gorkhali

Bir Gorkhali

Nepal is renowned for their brave solders called Gorkhali. They successfully protected Nation and impressed with their fighting skills. Their motto is “Better to die and live like coward”. In present Nepalese Soldiers are recruited in Britist Army, Gorkha Contingent Singapore, Gorkha Reserve, Unit Brunie, UN Peace Keeping force, War zones and Indian Army.

Living Goddess

Living Goddess

Nepal worship the only living goddess in the world called Kumari (Literally means Virgins). Nepal has tradition for worshipping young pre-pubescent girl as manifestations of the divine female energy. She is worshipped by Hindu and Buddhist followers and believed as incarnation of goddess Teleju and live in Temple. It is believed that when her first menstruation starts, goddess vacates her body and another goddess is chosen.

Nepal Dish

The National dish of Nepal is Dal, Bhat and Tarkari which Dal means Lentils, Bhat is rice and Tarkari means Vegetable or meat curry. Nepali eats it Daily.

Momo Cha

Momo (Nepali Dumpling)- Foods of Nepal
Momo Cha

Momo is a popular and quick dish made and loved my most people. It is flour made dumplings with meat or vegetables inside made either fried or steamed and served with dipping sauce.

Offensive Things to Do

People feel offensive to touch anything with your feet such as Books. They also do not like any person step over a person’s body. Nepalese also feels offensive when people eat with their left hand.

Poorest country

Nepal is not the poor country in the world. It is a government of Nepal who is exactly poor [Economically and Mentally]. Due to misuse of People’s taxes and high corruptions, Nepal ever grow as it should be.



Yeti is the mysterious creatures that are much larger than average human beings are found in the Himalayas in Nepal.

Water Resources

Water Resources
Water Resources

Nepal is the second largest sources of water in the world.


Internet in Nepal
Internet in Nepal

Nepal has a slow Internet speed.

Map of Nepal

Map of Nepal and Portugal
Map of Nepal and Portugal

If the map of Nepal is turned at 90 degree clockwise, The map of Nepal looks very similar to the map of Portugal.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest (Sagarmatha) is one of the major source of revenue in Nepal.
Nepal’s national airlines lack enough planes to fly out of Asia.

  • Flying to Nepal is Very Expensive.
  • Karnali River is the Nepal’s longest river.
  • Nepal is an Amazon of Asia
  • Kathmandu city was once called Kantipur, which means City of Glory. And still in present Kathmandu is the living cultural Museum of the world.
  • Kathmandu valley, in past was a huge lake full of Floating Lotuses and Geologist have scientifically proven true.
  • The Newari are the original inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley.
  • The Kathmandu valley has one great motto- “Unity of Diversity.”
  • Kissing in public is seems as offensive and might get arrested.
  • Population in Kathmandu has more than half of Nepal’s population.
  • National color of Nepal- Crimson
  • National Flower- Rhododendron.

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