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Heaven is Myth, Nepal is Real

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About Nepal

Nepal is one of the oldest countries in the world. Majority of people in Nepal are Hindu followers but has high respect for other religion living together peacefully. The facts of Nepal has made one of the unique countries on earth. Nepal is the country you must visit in your life-time. It is a living museum where every step you take your experience to reach to next level.

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Namaste and Welcome From Nepal

Nepal has always been successfully fascinating people of different countries with their Uniqueness, hospitality, and peaceful lifestyle. The natural beauties and cultural beauty make you feel traveling to Nepal.

  • Nepal and Its Cultural Beauty
  • Explore Natural beauty
  • Festivals and Jatras
  • Buddhism In Nepal

About Nepal

Nepal- country of Peace and Prosperity

This is going to be an exciting blog too all our readers who want to know more and understand the heart of Nepal people. Nepal is still left to be explored in the world. My goal of creating a blog of Nepal not only providing information related to Nepal but also to make the world explore Nepal and Nepali People.

Nepal in Short

Nepal is one of the oldest countries in the world. With own unique structure that still amazes the world today. Nepal is known for its highest Mount Everest ( Sagarmatha), the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha and Sita, and a nation of Great Gorkhali’s. On this blog we will be providing real Nepal in the world and what this nation means all over the world.

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  • Phone: +977 9813567484
  • Address: Nagarkot Rd, kamalbinayak, Bhaktapur, Nepal

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Welcome to Namaste Nepalayas. Namastenepalayas.us is a blog that is related to providing information about Nepal, and it’s beauties.

My name is Vikram Manandhar. I am from Bhaktapur, Nepal. I am a part-time blogger. With the interest and save my leisure time I create a blog. I recently completed my Bachelor’s Degree to save my leisure time. I do different other tasks related to how to make money online you can visit us at citizenincome.us.

I love My country Nepal and with its natural beauty and fascinating culture. I am a Bloggers and will be providing as much as information I can achieve from various Sources for our readers.
Vikram Manandhar
Writer | Business person | online job