About Bhaktapur- City of Culture and Temples

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Introduction of Bhaktapur- About Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur (भक्तपुर) city which Newars called it as “Khwopa” ( ख्वप) is a formal form of khwopring (non- Sanskrit oldest name) that prevailed before the advent of the Lichhavies i.e. during Kirat Period.  Bhaktapur city was first mentioned in the inscription set up in 477 A.D as “Khopringgrampradesha” during the reign of Manadeva. And according to Vajracharya, the Kirat word ‘kho’ denotes ‘Bhaat’(Cooked  Rice) which with time it was translated to Sanskrit word as “Bhakta” as the word “pring” that denotes Village which in Sanskrit it denotes “Gram” And with the time ‘khopring’ was translated  into the Sanskrit name ‘Bhaktagram’. The corrupt form of ‘Bhaktagram’ is ‘Bhadgaon (Nepal Bhasa: भादगाँउ’ and used frequently after the end of Malla period. A well-developed town is called ‘pur’ in Sanskrit. The name ‘Bhaktapur’ is first referred to in a manuscript titled ‘kiran Tantra’ written in 924 A.D (Shrestha, 2016).


  • Khopring is the Newari language for Bhaktapur city.
  • Khowpa is the later form of Khopring in the Newar dialect.
  • Bhaktapur is the Sanskrit name for the city.
  • Bhakta denotes not the only Devotee but also food i.e. Bhaat (Cooked Rice).

About Bhaktapur- Geography, and Demography

Among 77 districts in Nepal (Sep 20th, 2015), one of the smallest district known as Bhaktapur (Nepal Bhasa: भक्तपुर ) has a huge numerous beauty of culture, natural, and civilization all over the country. Geographically, Bhaktapur district lies in the hilly region of Nepal in the Bagmati Zone and as a part of Kathmandu valley located in the eastern part of Kathmandu city. The total area covered by the city over Nepal is 119 km sq. (46 sq. miles). The city is covered by three main districts- Kathmandu (Capital city of Nepal), Lalitpur, and Kavrepalanchawok.

East Kavrepalanchawok
West Kathmandu and Lalitpur
North Kathmandu and Kavrepalanchawok
South Lalitpur

District Bhaktapur situated in the Central Development Region in province no 3 of Nepal. The district has a population of 304,651 where the male population is 154,884 (50.83%) and the female population is 154,767 (49.17%) according to the census taken on 2011 AD (2068 B.S). The major religions people follow in this district are Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Kirati and other minor religions. The main headquarter of Bhaktapur District is Bhaktapur. The major district of Bhaktapur is divided into four different municipalities.

Bhaktapur Municipalities

Bhaktapur Municipalities

Bhaktapur Municipalities

  • Bhaktapur (भक्तपुर)
  • Changu- Narayan(चाँगुनारायण)
  • Madhyapur Thimi (मध्यपुर थिमी)
  • Suryabinayak (सूर्यविनायक)

Major Spots to Visit in Bhaktapur City

As I have already said it has numerous beauties on culture and civilization. Here are some of the lists of interesting places, which are interesting for travel and they are

  1. Bhaktapur Durbar Square
  2. Kamalbinayak- Kamalpokhari, Nava Durga Temple
  3. Changu Narayan
  4. Nagarkot
  5. Taumadhi
  6. Doleshwor Mahadev
  7. Sangha- Kailashnath Mahadev
  8. Anantalingeshwor Mahadev
  9. Pilot Baba Temple
  10. Dudhpati- Siddha Pokhari
  11. Madhyapur thimi- Balkumari Temple

Major Festivals of Bhaktapur City

  • New Year Festival
    • Biska Jatra
    • Sindur Jatra
  • Gathemangal or Ghantakarna Chaturdasi
  • Gai Jatra

The major things Bhaktapur is Famous for

  1. Kumar- The living Goddess
  2. Bhadgaunle Cap- A Black Cap Wear by Local Newars
  3. Hakupatasi- Traditional Newari of women Dress
  4. Juju Dhou – King Curd
  5. Chiura- Beaten Rice
  6. Pottery
  7. Vegetables

Main Occupation of Bhaktapur People

  1. Self Reliant in Agriculture
  2. Livestock in Village
  3. Pottery
  4. Businesses
  5. Services
  6. Others

General Information of Bhaktapur

Nepal Bhasaख्वप
Province No.Number 3
HeadquaterBhaktapur Municipality
LocationEastern part of Nepal
Area (Sq.)119 Sq. Km (46 Miles)
Population304,651 (2011)
Male Population (2011)154,884 (2011)
Female Population (2011)154,767 (49.17)
Age Group Population
15-5967.71 %
60- Above7.50%
Other Religion0.12%

Other Important Reports Extracted from Year- 2011

Life Expectancy70.87 Years
Human Development Indicator0.625
Human Poverty Indicator27.9
Gender Development Indicator0.587
Human Empowerment Indicator0.685
Literacy Rate81.68%

The official Website of Bhaktapur is – www.ddcbhaktapur.gov.np

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