Aama Ko Mukh Herne

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Nepal is not only popular for its Natural and Historically beauty but also has high popularity and importance concerning culture, festivals, and ceremonial acts. Nepal is said to have a large number of festivals than the days in a year. Every festival of Nepal is celebrated based on the events that are taken place in the place or my myth. Today we will be talking about one popular festival celebrated widely by the people of Nepal- Aama ko Mukh Herne ( Mother’s Day).

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Aama ko Mukh Herne is an important festival celebrated all over Nepal especially Hindu and Buddhist followers dedicated to as worshipping their mother as a symbol of Love, Affection, and Sacrifice. This day is known as Mother’s Day. Aama ko Mukh Herne means “Looking at one’s mother’s face”. In Nepal, the festival falls on the first-month Baisakh (Annual Nepal Calendar- Bikram Sambat) on the last day of the dark fortnight of April/May month.

Mother’s Day is celebrated differently than the rest of the world. Mother’s Day in Nepal is celebrated on Baisakh (First month of Nepal) which lies between April or May. In Sanskrit the day is also known as Mata Tirtha Aunshi, therefore, it is celebrated the new moon day of Baisakh.

Aama Ko Mukh Herne Din in Nepal

Aama Ko Mukh Herne is celebrated to show the Love, Respect, and Gratitude to their mother by their children. The celebration of Aama Ko Mukh Herne is different depending on the caste and Ethnic they belong to. They have their ways of celebration. Every child wants their mother to look happy on this day therefore, they buy gifts, prepare foods and sweets.

Aama ko Ko Mukh Herne is not only celebrated by people who have their mother but is also widely celebrated by the people whose mother passed away. Both celebrated this day culturally showing their love and gratitude towards their mother.

The people who have their mother, their children prepared varieties of foods and sweets, buy gifts, and celebrate with joy with their mother and family. There will be a small puja during this day as worshiping their mother. Most of the people still traditionally celebrate this festival and everyone loves to celebrate with traditional style.

Aama Ko Mukh Herne Din in Nepal Source: Treksbooking
Aama Ko Mukh Herne Din in Nepal Source: Treksbooking

Those whose mother had already passed celebrate Aama Ko Mukh Herne Din going to the River Bank carrying puja items (Items to worship) or pond side and worship in the name of the mother for their peace. People of Kathmandu valley go to the temple Mata Tirtha to pray for their mother and offer various rituals and Puja.

How was Aama Ko Mukh Herne Din (Mother's Day) Started in Nepal

It is believed that the event took place during Dewapa Era when a shepherd guy was eating his lunch sitting beside the Matatirtha pond. While he was eating his lunch he accidentally drops his piece of bread in the pond and he tries to grab the bread. The day was Baisakh’s new moon. He saw an image of his dead mother’s face in the pond. He was so happy and start crying and his reflection of his mother’s image told him not to cry and will be always with him promising to meet him every year on the same day of the same place.

He told this incident to the villagers and they too rushed to the pond to see their mother. It is believed that all those who looked at the pond, they all saw the image of their mother.

Celebration of Aama ko Mukh Herene in Kathmandu Valley

The majority of people in Kathmandu valley are Newar and Newar are more popular regarding the celebration of festivals with reflecting the cultural importance. The celebration takes place in the evening time after all preparation. Married Daughter comes to their mother’s house to see the mother with different typical Newari foods including fish, eggs, curd, and alcohol. These are important during any event or festival in Newar culture. As the start of Mother’s day, they do puja offering to the god then start worshiping their mother. providing food items.

How we Celebrated festival during lockdown (2077 B.S.)

The year was a terrible year due to infectious disease (Corona Virus COVID-19) spread throughout the world. Nepal was also forced to lockdown due to the disease. During the lockdown, we are not allowed to meet people and not allowed to go out of the house unless it is important. However, Nepal as respect to the religion and their tradition, we perform small celebrations. we managed to buy some foods during this day, we managed to prepare sweets, guy gifts and other important items needed during the celebration of this day. 

In the evening, we finished preparing food and start the ceremony. It was just normal. However, the day was celebrated happily. We offer foods and Sweets we could manage during this day. During this day people could go and buy gifts as the lockdown was loosed during morning time. We managed to buy all necessary and celebrate Aama Ko Mukh Herne.

Aamako Mukh Herne (Mother's Day) Quotes

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