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"Heave is MYTH, Nepal is REAL."

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Nepal is one of the oldest country in Asia and still rich based on Culture, Nature, and Religion Belief. Nepal is one best destination to travel. With own unique structure that still amazes the world today. Nepal is known for its highest Mount Everest ( Sagarmatha), the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha and Sita, and a nation of Great Gorkhali’s. On this blog we will be providing real Nepal in the world and what this nation means all over the world.

About Namaste Nepalayas
Namaste Nepalayas is all About

About Nepal

Namaste Nepalayas is all about information of Nepal, History of Nepal, The people and their culture, traditions, musics and religion. Best Site to Learn about Nepal.

Travel Nepal

Namaste Nepalayas is designed from travelers in Nepal. Namaste Nepalayas explains about cultural beauty of Nepal, Natural Beauty of Nepal, and more.

Buddhism in Nepal

Nepal- the Holy country of Hinduism and Buddhism. The country where Buddha was Born. Namaste Nepalayas also blog about Buddhas and Buddhism in Nepal.


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Kathmandu Valley

Oldest City of Nepal

Kathmandu- Capital city of Nepal.

Bhaktapur- City of Devotees

Lalitpur- Amazing Culture and Language

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